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London Indoor Season 2018/2019

5x5 Corporate Futsal League & Cup 18-19 BERMONDSEY
September 2018-February 2019
Monday, KO 19:00, 19:45, 20:30. Special games at 21:15.
Each team plays 11 games guaranteed, up to 15 games (out of 23 gamenights)
Game duration 2x20'
Unlimited substitutions
Venue: City of London Academy (Southwark) Bermondsey


  • Indoor hall
  • Video highlights available after each game
  • Weekly newsletters to keep your team engaged, you won't miss a game!
  • Website updates in real time
  • Pro Referees

200 teams involved this season in 8 different cities, from London to Singapore:
PWC (9 teams), Google (4 teams), Samsung (2), Nike, Facebook, Swarovski (2 teams), Infront, Cembra Money Bank, La Prairie Group, Deloitte (5 teams), Alstom, EY (4 teams), Amazon (5 teams), Vistra (2), Docler Holding (3), SES, ARHS (2), Microsoft (2), Goodyear (3), Wavestone (2), Aztec Group (2), Valuepartners, BRE Europe, Eurizon, Intertrust (3), Citi, Adstream, Uber, Rabobank, ABN Amro, JLL, ING, IAG, Decathlon, Xaxis (2), Shell (2), Mckinsey, Shopee, Salesforce, BGC Partners, Mediobanca, Red Bull, Taboola, Akabi, Business and decision, Edouard Franklin, Traxys (2), Schuler, Ericsonn, Wealins, Foyer, AG2R, Intesa Sanpaolo, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Misterfoot, ECA, Victor Buck Services, BIL, Credit Suisse, Elvinger Hoss & Prussen, TMC, Procter & Gamble, IBM, Siemens, H&M, Tobania, Michael Page, Dentsu Network, Altran, Sodexo, Loyens & Loeff, Grant Thornton (3), Societe Generale, John Zink, Camille, Citco, BDO (2), Alleataly, Luciole, Fidelity, Liberty Pharma (3), Huxley, R&R solutions, Fundrock, BCP Banque, Link group, Colony Star, Equinix, KPMG, Global Foundries, A come A, Lazard, Gruppo Proedi, Credito Emiliano, Forma Italiana, Subito.it, Celgene, Autogrill, Credimi SPA, Valtur, Huawei, Objectway (2), DentalPro, JP Morgan, Ferrero, Immochan, Maison Moderne, Cardif Lux Vie, Vodafone (2), Oracle,

Competitions included in the fee:
Qualification phase (from 10/9 until 8/10)
12 teams divided in 3 groups of 4 teams playing each other once
Premiership and Championship (from 15/10 to 17/12)
Top 2 of each group qualify for the Premiership, playing each other once. Remaining six teams enter the Championship, also playing each other once.
League Playoffs: (Jan 2019) Top 3 teams from each league will qualify for Playoffs. The others will play Courtesy Games.
SG CUP: (Feb 2019)
16 teams to compete in our SocialGoal Cup, straight knock-out games with a random draw to be broadcast live. Minimum 1 game, maximum 4 games.
World Cup in Milan (Sept.2018): All our clients are eligible to join the World Cup 5x5 Weekend in Milan, playing at least 3 guaranteed games - 7 games for finalists. September 2018 (tbc)

FEE: 980GBP, 11 games guaranteed in London - up to 14 for finalists of Cup & League.

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Last season Champions: CITI

Our customers enjoy playing football with us, and so can you! Don't take our word for it - here are some testimonials from our recent leagues.

"It has been nice to go around the bank scouting for players, and certainly, people who you don’t know much about outside the workplace. You get positively surprised by how easily people open up in front of a football and in front of a social event like this, and obviously it has got positive repercussions as well on the workplace when you go back and meet them the next day, they are all much more open and much more social than before the football game. So overall it has been a great experience." - Mauro Pizzale, Citi Bank London

"It’s physical, it’s friendly, it’s the way you want football to be. I want to say a thank you for organising this, it has been really amazing, we enjoyed playing every game, and receiving the videos the next day. Being able to share the videos, the pictures." - Matthieu Simon, Google London

"You get to participate in your own firm’s team , not only will you meet people within your own firm and you will get to know people from different departments, you will also meet people from other firms, and who knows what opportunities that will bring. So definitely get involved, and it’s a health activity- what more could you want!" - Ali Alkatib, EY London

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